Zuckerberg Jokes About Facebook Search And Wall Street Jumps

Mark Zuckerberg

We all know the story about Facebook stock price going south after its much hyped IPO that sent NYSE’s servers crashing. Many investors lost a bundle on that and in all probability, a number of Wall Street account execs got an earful from those investors who bought into the hype.

Fast forward to Mark Zuckerberg’s recent interview where he mentioned the word ‘search’ or that he’s thinking of developing Facebook’s own search platform.

Within 24 hours, those chastened Wall Streeters were back at their hype game and Facebook stock went up 7.7%.

Before you call your broker, step back, read this sobering article by Ian Lurie and find out why Facebook search is not happening anytime soon.

This is so far one of the most lucid articles on the subject I’ve come across, you might want to pay attention if you don’t want to lose another bundle.

Mr. Lurie gives us 6 reasons why we can ignore Facebook search for now:

  1. No proof
  2. No search talents in Facebook’s payroll for now,
  3. FB’s current search technology is easy to manipulate.
  4. Privacy issues.
  5. Track record of tech failures or unresolved issues.
  6. Google’s name is synonymous to search.

For those who are keen on seeing Facebook upstage Google in the search business, Mr. Lurie has this to say:

“The big G still has technology decades ahead of everyone else, and they’ve cornered the market on the best information discovery brains in the business. What, exactly, is Facebook’s ace in the hole here?”

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