YouTube TrueView Video Ads Guide By Manny Rivas

YouTube TrueView Video Ads

If there’s a way for me to permanently disable all ads on the videos I watch on YouTube, I’d do it — that’s how extremely averse I am to ads appearing on any video that I intend to enjoy or learn from.

Of course, other people have their own preferences and apparently those who don’t mind those ads are legion — TrueView YouTube ads are among the most effective items in many a marketer’s bag of tricks out there.

If you’re planning to use video ads soon, Manny Rivas at Aim Clear Blog wrote this excellent guide on how to get started and how to do it right. I suggest you read it now before you plan or launch your campaign.

This guide includes sections on Google Adwords video management user interface, TrueView ad specs, which ad unit works best for which campaign (branding, leads generation, direct response, etc.), targeting and campaign settings.

It’s a bit technical but if you’re a marketer or an ad buy planner wanting to acquire or enhance your skills in video marketing, this will be a good bedtime article for you. Just kidding.
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