3 Distinct Advantages To Using Google Adwords

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What is Google Adwords?

What is Google Adwords and what advantages or benefits can it provide your business?

Simply, Google Adwords is the paid advertising platform of Google, the number one search engine in the world and in this post, we will discuss 3 inherent advantages to using this platform to advertise your business.

When a user searches for a specific term or phrase in Google, the search engine instantly scours millions of pages in its index and present the most relevant results in an organized and ranked list to the user. This is known as the organic or natural search results.

The owners of these pages, files, videos, and images that appear in the organic search results did not pay Google to be included in these results. The pages are selected according to a strict and constantly evolving algorithm that takes into consideration more than 200 factors to generate results that are most relevant to your query.

As a website owner, your site can appear in these search results if Google deems your site or page relevant to the specific queries (also called keywords) related to your product, services, or topic that the searcher used.

Because millions of queries are done every day by potential customers, it can be very profitable for a business to have its products or services pages included in the natural search results. In fact, an entire industry called SEO, or search engine optimization, has sprung up to help websites rank in these organic results but that is the topic of another discussion.

Suffice it to say that for highly competitive keywords, with millions of pages vying for Google’s attention, it is sometimes very hard to appear in the top pages of the search results. Go ahead, try searching for your top keywords on Google. How many competing pages do you see? Does your site appear on the first or second page of the results?

What is your alternative then as a product-maker or service-provider with a brand new website? How can you compete considering these odds?

With Google Adwords, of course.

Starting an account with Google Adwords is easy and within a few minutes you can have your advertising campaign under way. Your paid ads will appear in a section above the natural search results or sometimes in the right side of the page and are clearly identified as paid advertising.

There are 3 inherent advantages to buying ads from Google Adwords:

Instant Reach and Market Share

Every day, millions of users visit Google to find specific products, services, or information. By using ads that are included in the results pages, you have a greater chance that users trying to locate the kind of products or services that you’re selling or providing can easily find you.


With Google Adwords, it’s possible to target users according to their interests, browsing habits, or specific geographic locations. If you’re a real estate broker in London for example, you can target users living within the 10 miles of the city, or those located in specific neighborhoods like Bromley or Croydon, instead of having your ads displayed for all UK users, which may prove more expensive and yield fewer sales conversion.

Easily Measurable ROI

One distinct advantage of online paid advertising through Google Adwords is that your activities are easily measurable and quantifiable. Each click on an ad has a corresponding price tag and you can compare the expenses from these clicks with the amount of revenues you’re earning over a certain period of time. In short, you can easily make changes to your keywords or ads at any point depending on which ones are providing you with the highest returns on investment.

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