Welcome to My Manila Connection

Welcome to MyManilaConnection.com!

My name is Emmanuel Gonot and I’m a business consultant, based in Manila, in the Philippines. I also own MyManilaConnection, a provider of marketing, SEO, and social media branding services.

Helping businesses and individuals create strong internet brands is one of my passions. This blog is about providing business owners and entrepreneurs accurate and actionable information to help them achieve that end.

Have a life, we’ll take care of business.

MyManilaConnection goes by the tag line “Have a life, we’ll take care of business.” We are, primarily, a marketing process outsourcing company. We create and implement marketing plans, run SEO and web branding campaigns, generate traffic, and engage in social networking, on behalf of our clients.

I would be very pleased if a business owner or another marketing contractor, for example, would come visit this site and be able to pick at least one idea that he or she can immediately apply to his business. The tasks in internet marketing are, for the most part, straightforward and easy to implement. However, as anyone who’s ever done it would readily attest, these also tend to be repetitive and time-consuming. That’s where MyManilaConnection comes in.

My hope is that the quality of information we provide here will sufficiently demonstrate our expertise and experience to prospective clients who are tired of doing it all on their own and are thinking of outsourcing their marketing initiatives.

Internet marketing, as we all know, is a vast topic and I’m sure we will be here for a long time discussing the different strategies, concepts, and aspects of this beast. Much has already been written about this subject, but I will try to present detailed information from a fresh viewpoint each time. Regular posts will be about article marketing, SEO, social media sites and tools, social media concepts, traffic generation, marketing funnels, product launches, and any other topic that our readers are interested in.

Occasionally, I will be featuring reviews and endorsements of some products, tools, or services that I feel would greatly help you in getting results faster and more efficiently. Either we have used these tools and services ourselves or know of someone trustworthy who did.

Your comments, questions, and feedback are very much welcome. Please feel free to leave your remarks under each post or contact me directly by email, if you you need any assistance.

So, make yourself at home, I hope to hear from you, soon. And again, welcome to MyManilaConnection.com.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what the tiger image is for, I’ve started this blog on the first day of the Year of the Tiger – hopefully, an auspicious beginning. Happy New Year!