Video production and editing service

Attract more eyeballs to your website and generate more sales or leads by creating and posting quality videos.

Digital Adobo can help you create professionally-crafted and fully branded videos that will easily dovetail with your existing marketing efforts. We can create videos from your existing content or scripts, app feature demo videos, and animated explainer videos.

Please choose from the following options:

Single video production

video creation and editing serviceFully branded with your websites color schemes and logos, we will create a 1280 x 720 HD video from your existing content or script.

Video length is approximately 60 to 180 seconds and will be based on your existing articles or essays. LEARN MORE



One Video + One Article (Starter Pack)

wordpress-website-development-maintenanceFor those who want to post regular video and text (article) content to their blog or website, this package is a good option. Our team at Digital Adobo will create a 500-word article based on your chosen topic and will create a compelling 60-180 seconds slider video from that article. LEARN MORE



App Features Demo Video

video creation and editing serviceApp creators and marketers have learned that giving their users all the information they need to use their apps can invariably increase downloads, usage, and in-app purchases. We offer a competitively priced App Features Demo video package for app creators to quickly have a professional how-to video to use and start improving on their download stats. LEARN MORE




In 2017, 30 million people visited YouTube and watched five billion videos every single day. Those staggering numbers pertain only to YouTube but the number of people who prefer to watch videos in various platforms are increasing quite rapidly.

If you’re not creating and posting videos for your customers, users, and prospects, it’s about time that you should because as competition rises, more and more companies are incorporating video to their content marketing. Those who stubbornly refuse to recognize this trend will soon be inevitably left behind.