Upside Down SEO – Focus on PR & Social Promotion

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Try searching for the word “optimize” on Google search right now and you’ll find that there are 112,000,000 pages competing for that word.

Now, imagine yourself publishing a brand new website focused on a book about optimization and targeting that very keyword. Do you think you can make it to the first page of the search results?

Well, that’s what Lee Odden and his team at TopRank actually did! Their site is now in the top 5 results for the keyword “optimize.”

It’s our lucky day, Lee is spilling the beans on how they accomplished the feat in this post at the TopRank blog. The secret, Lee says, is in a total SEO mindshift, focusing first on PR and social promotion rather on the traditional approach of link building first that we’re all used to and are comfortable with.

Do you think this strategy will work for you?

Read Lee Odden’s article now at TopRank now
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