11 Popular Social Media, SEO, and Content Marketing Stories This Week

There’s a way to “future-proof” your links. Speaking of links, content marketing is way more than those, focus on the big picture. These and other stories in our first ever 11 top stories of the week.

Nathan Safran

How To Leverage PPC To Discover High-Converting Keywords For SEO 
Nathan Safran, Search Engine Land

Nathan Safran at Search Engine Land shares how you can use conversion data from Google Adwords Keyword Tool to come up with a superior list of actionable keywords for your SEO campaign.

James Piper

Are You Taking Advantage of Your Easy Link Building Wins? Probably Not. Start To!

James Piper, Search Engine Journal

It just takes a bit of research but some untapped or under-optimized linking opportunities and relationships already exist that SEOs can take advantage of.

Stoney deGeyter

What Does a Winning SEO Team Look Like? This…

Stoney deGeyter, Search Engine Guide

While some individual SEOs are getting the job done, there are tremendous built-in advantages when you have your own SEO team to do the heavy lifting for you.

Sujan Patel

75 Tips to Manage Your Social Media Efforts in 2012

Sujan Patel, Quick Sprout

Social performance has arrived at a point where it now factors prominently in Google’s search algorithm, Sujan Patel says there are best practices in social media marketing and there are tactics you’d need to avoid doing in 2012.


Kodak’s Social Media Success—and What Bloggers Can Learn From It

Ricky, ProBlogger

Kodak’s remarkable social media success is a direct result of a coherent and well-planned strategy not an amateurish collage of disparate tactics. Ricky says companies and individuals who seek to promote their brands can learn a lot from Kodak’s story.

Susanna Gebauer

7 Ways to Get More Out Of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Susanna Gebauer, Jeff Bullas’s Blog

While most content that get tons of links and attention are high quality content, not all high quality content get the attention they deserve. Susanna Gebauer shares 7 tactics you can use today to make your outstanding content really shine.

Dave Thomas

Why Is Your Small Business Losing the Social Media Race?

Dave Thomas, Social Media Today

Some relatively successful small businesses often steer clear of any social media engagement because they can’t get a “clear reading” of social media ROI. Dave Thomas says this is a mistake and these brands are missing out on a huge opportunity to really dominate their markets.

Corey Eridon

17 Brilliant Sources of Content Hiding Right Under Your Nose
Corey Eridon, HubSpot

Feeling the content crunch? No problem, Corey Eridon has 17 sources of marketing content you can tap into right now — content creation solutions that may just be hiding right under your nose.

Patrick Hathaway

Using AuthorRank To Future-Proof Guest Posting
Patrick Hathaway, Search Engine People

Google is moving towards incorporating AuthorRank in searh results, you can future-proof links from quality articles you published in other sites or blogs by optimizing your Google+ author profile now.

Derek Edmond

12 Perspectives on How B2B SEO Can Better Support PR & Communications

Derek Edmond, Search Engine Watch

Derek Edmond says the best results — high quality links, social media presence, and productive online relationships — are accomplished when SEO and PR successfully collaborate.

Kieran Flanagan

Content Marketing – Think Campaigns Not Just Links, Your Guide to TOFU

Kieran Flanagan, SEOmoz

Beyond just acquiring links, sharing great content should be aligned to a business’s overall marketing strategy — “it’s the glue that holds your [marketing or sales] funnel together,” says Kieran Flanagan at SEOmoz.
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