Stars Wars Flash Mob – Greatest Flash Mob Ever? [VIDEO]

star wars flash mob germany

After the novelty of the gimmick wore off quickly in 2008, I haven’t really been keeping close tabs of the hundreds of flash mob acts that have tried to group dance, sing, or somersault their way into the public consciousness via YouTube, these past few years. Thanks to this recent article on Huff Post, I came across this fantastic Stars Wars flash mob performed by WDR (West German Radio) Symphony Orchestra at the Wallrafplatz in Cologne, Germany to the delight of unsuspecting shoppers and passersby.

With a son named Jedi, I can’t deny being a huge Star Wars fan so my impression may be a bit biased, to say the least. Still, as flash mobs go, the WDR Orchestra has certainly set a higher bar that may be difficult for other acts to follow or get past.


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