Should The Courts Have Free Access To Your Tweets?

Are your tweets public and open to scrutiny by anyone interested including courts and law enforcement agencies? Or are they private and are therefore protected by existing privacy statutes?

These are the questions tackled by Ron Callari at Inventor Spot writing about the current case between the New York City DA’s office and Occupy Wall Street activist Malcolm Harris and Twitter before Manhattan Judge Matthew Sciarrino.

Sciarrino has ordered Twitter to turn over three months of tweets by Malcolm Harris to aid the DA’s office in their disorderly conduct case against Harris.

Twitter having assumed the mantle of free speech defender in previous cases has resisted and stood with Harris in challenging Sciarrino’s order.

If the judge’s order stands, Twitter is liable to be fined for contempt in October.

Ron Callari says that this case is different from the previous cases (where national security was invoked) involving Twitter and could serve as a dangerous precedent to all subsequent free speech and privacy cases in the future.

What do you think?
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