App Features Demo Video

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Need a step-by-step screen-recorded video to demonstrate a specific feature of your app? Get started with Digital Adobo right now and order a professionally-made walk-through video showcasing your app’s cool features and functions.

PROCESS: As soon as you’ve made payment, please send us the download page to your app on the Playstore or App Store and specify via email which feature(s) you want featured on the video. Please send email to:

DELIVERY: Your fully branded App features demo video (length: app. 60 to 90 seconds) will be delivered to you after 2 to 3 business days. If required, we can also provide the video transcript and post it to your website and to YouTube.

Quantity: One 1280 x 720 HD video
Format: MP4
Length: App. 60 to 180 seconds

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With the number of apps competing for users’ attention these days, it pays to stand tall above the competition with excellent service. Your app users will certainly appreciate your thoroughness and professionalism when you take care of the details, such as providing step-by-step explainer videos, to optimize user experience.

Get started with creating an App Features Demo video with Digital Adobo today. We can help you craft detailed, easy-to-follow walk-through videos to demonstrate each important feature or function of your app that some user might find challenging to access.


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