8 Powerful Ways To Optimize Your Brain Performance

Are you busy right now? Or are you ‘crazy busy’?

There’s a reason for those work breaks, power naps, and 3 week vacations. Our brain, says Geil Browning, founder of Emergenetics International, can only handle so much and beyond a certain point after hours of continuous work, the quality of our thought output invariably deteriorates.

In this article, Ms. Browning shares 8 simple but powerful ways to keep you creative and always ready to be inspired.

Do you work 72 hours a week? Are you confused or ambivalent about what’s really important in your life? Do you take on crazy clients who take a year off your life span after every project? Do you often get sidetracked into doing unnecessary activities while working? If you said yes, to any of these questions, this article is for you.

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