Rocking Social Media For Your NonProfit

If you’re passionate about helping others and making our world a better place for our children, chances are you’re working with or running a nonprofit.

In this day and age when political attack outfits get to call themselves nonprofits and compete directly with you for donor dollars, I know you have your plate full right now trying to raise funds or raise awareness of your cause in the public mind.

If you can do with a little help in leveraging social media for your organization, check out Hiba Haider‘s article at Hubspot detailing the 7 steps you can take to piece it all together and get front and center in your potential donors’ screens.

From using Twitter live feeds to hosting Google Plus webinars, these steps are easy to implement and can really make a difference in your organization’s fundraising and awareness campaigns.

What social media strategies are you currently using for your nonprofit?

Read Hiba Haider’s article at HubSpot now
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