Would You Follow Albert Einstein On Twitter?

Imagine Albert Einstein at 25 years old, alive today and using Facebook and Twitter. Would your RT his tweets and like his FB posts?

Not likely if you’re not into math and physics but many people would easily notice brilliance in today’s wide open social media environment.

Gabriel Gervelis, in this thought-provoking post at Search Engine Journal, poses this interesting question about Einstein and the closet geniuses out there who may have the answers to the world’s questions and only needed to be heard.

 Gabriel explains how limited Einstein’s publishing options were during his time and asks how many more ideas, theories, and discoveries might have emerged from that beautiful mind if his publishing outlets weren’t as constrained.

In today’s context when anyone, through blogs, social media accounts, etc. can literally be his or her own publisher, how many budding savants are out there who are still unwilling or unable to tap into this broadcasting opportunity?

The challenge to social media insiders, says Gabriel, is to get these brilliant people to publish their ideas in the open world of the internet and see how such an explosion of knowledge and information can change the world.
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