Elementary School Social Media Gurus

Elementary school social media
Here’s something that’s truly inspiring to help launch a creative weekend for you.
Marieka Hensel, in this post at Branding Personality, tells us about an amazing book she recently received that documents the creative ways Dutch students and teachers are using social media to improve teaching and learning processes and to promote their school activities and pet issues.
The book, ‘Sociale Media op de Basisschool’ is free to download. The only hitch is that it’s in Dutch so if you’re not conversant in that language like myself, we just have to wait until someone comes up with the English version.
But, we’re still in luck. Ms. Hensel has graciously summarized for us the 21 ideas outlined in the book that showcase the different ways these elementary school teachers and students are leveraging their use of social media to great effect. Read on and be inspired.
 If you’re a teacher, parent, or student reading this, how is your school using social media creatively?

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