What To Do When Content Scrapers Strike

dealing with content scrapers

So you’ve painstakingly put together a great article for your site and hit publish. There you are waiting for the traffic to come in and decided to check if you’re article is already in the SERPS.

It’s there all right. 5 ranks below posts with similar titles, that is. Scraper sites that republished your article are ranking better than your site!

Having some scraper problems? Before you fire off that email to the scraper telling them to @#%^*!!, read this post first by Neil Patel at Quick Sprout. It walks you through the steps — from duplicate content detection, to blocking and reporting scrapers, to making scrapers actually work for you! — and soon your problem will be a thing of the past.

If you have your own tested anti-scraper techniques, don’t be shy to share them below.

Read Neil Patel’s article at Quick Sprout now
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