14 Big Brands Effectively Using Humor in Social Media

kids laughing

How do you choose brands or pages to follow on Facebook or Twitter?

While most people are loyal to certain brands because of the value they find in their products, promotions, or educational posts, there are brands who choose a different, more humorous approach to social media engagement.

You can’t help but follow or like brands like Old Spice or Taco Bell for example, says Pamela Vaughan of HubSpot, simply because they make you smile or laugh out loud each time you read one of their updates.

In this post, Ms. Vaughan takes a look at 14 big brands who preface their marketing with an irresistibleĀ  tickle-your-funny-bone approach. It obviously works as the numbers show and Ms. Vaughan says you too can spice up that staid post you’re about to publish with a little dose of humor.

Which funny brands are you following in social media?

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