Adobe’s Secret SEO Weapon

Adobe search manager David Lloyd

How do you manage 30 different domains with 18 million pages and organically rank for 15,000 priority keywords while bidding for 1.6 million more in paid search?

This is what Adobe’s 30-person strong search team has to deal with every day, how do they manage to stay on top?

Susan Kuchinkas, in this article at Search Engine Watch, reports on the talk by David Lloyd, Adobe’s head of its global SEO team, before the BrightEdge Share 12 Conference in San Francisco.

Their secret weapon: a comprehensive search data-sharing and feedback loop across all channels. Search data is made available to content writers while the analytics people get to learn how likes, shares, etc. affect their search rankings.

Beyond the solid optimization system, perhaps their secret weapon is the team’s relentless pursuit of excellence. Remarks Lloyd:

“We don’t optimize for Google; we optimize for best practices.”

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