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Can you do digital marketing on your own and promote your products or business?


Anyone can do it. In this day and age when all the information and training are at your fingertips (literally), anyone can choose to take their own marketing campaign by the bootstraps and start swinging. No one has a monopoly of knowledge and skills needed to make a business grow online.

Digital Adobo is primarily about providing small business owners like you the skills and tools to take your business to the next level. Digital marketing is a huge field, there’s so much to learn and apply to your business. We’d like to make this site a waypoint in your journey to learn strategies and dominate your space.

Do you have the time?

That’s actually the 500-pound gorilla in the room, the question about time. Do you have the time or the inclination to learn digital marketing and be good at it to see results quickly? Is it even practical when we all only have 24 hours and you have a zillion things to do for the business other than to write an article or create a video?

Only you can answer that question but if you feel that your time will be more productively spent in some other activity, we’re here to help you create content and market your business.

Sizzling Hot Digital Adobo

Tired of doing digital marketing on your own and working 50-70 hours a week with little or no result? Or, perhaps, you’re an marketing-savvy business owner with very limited time to spend on routine promotional tasks. Whatever your degree of knowledge is about digital marketing, Digital Adobo can help you.

We are a provider of content, SEO and SEM services. If you’re looking to outsource such tasks as keywords and market research, competition research, on-page optimization, article marketing, link building or simply need sound professional advice, you’ve come to the right place.

We create well-researched and professionally crafted articles, videos for YouTube and Facebook, Powerpoint slide decks, and interactive e-learning courses.

We take pride in the quality of content we deliver to clients quickly and the level of transparency and communication we have with our clients.

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About Emmanuel Gonot

Emmanuel Gonot is the founder of Digital Adobo. He is a professional SEO, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media Consultant based in Manila, Philippines. He established Digital Adobo (previously, My Manila Connection) in 2010, initially, as a vehicle for potential business clients to evaluate his knowledge and skills in search engine marketing.

“The idea was to provide business owners, who are also potential clients, a site that they can go to in order to find out more information about me as they conduct their due diligence. I just wanted to create a central place where people can read my resume, see my portfolio, and find out more information about the services that I offer.”

Somewhere along the way, that idea has morphed into something else. Digital Adobo is now a full-sharing site in which basic SEO principles and strategies are discussed alongside cutting edge ideas in technology and search marketing.

“I’m a firm believer in continuing education and professional development. SEO and kindred fields like social media and online brand management are constantly evolving. While there are many basic concepts that are here to stay, it’s also obvious that a few stuff that worked like magic in 1995 are no longer applicable in today’s environment.”

Digital Adobo has become, in a sense, a clearing house of digital marketing ideas. Emmanuel Gonot believes in the learning principle that the more knowledge he shares, from his studies and professional experience, the more knowledge he’s able to retain for himself.

“In this business, when you do things correctly the first time around, that translates to a lot of savings (and profit) for the client. You have to keep an eye on details, especially with tasks that tend to be repetitive and boring because that’s where most mistakes are made. If you can finish a project in the least amount of time and most importantly, achieved the goals you’ve agreed upon at the start (increased traffic, improved search ranking, etc.), then that project is a winner.”

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