126 Effective Content Topics And Ideas For Coaches

Content ideas topics for coaches

Creating content to attract potential clients or nurture existing ones can be a powerful strategy for life or business coaches. The following content ideas for coaches should hopefully help you find inspiration to craft truly compelling content to help your coaching business grow through content marketing.

Finding ideas or topics to write about is easy enough once you start to focus on certain areas of your coaching practice that you’re familiar with.

These are often inherently fertile conversational subjects for you and your clients. Here are a few examples:

Client-Focused Content Ideas

Your clients, present and future, are the core of your business. It only makes sense that you start with a focus on them when creating content.

Wherever applicable, don’t forget to remove personally identifiable client details and always ask the subject for permission to publish.

1. Write about their most frequently asked questions about your business.

2. Regularly answer a question or letter you received from a client by way of a blog post. Ask for permission to publish letters whilst removing personal details.

3. Write about client case studies. Ask for permission to publish and change personal information.

4. Write about struggles, issues, and problems that clients are currently facing (ex. procrastination, obesity and overindulgence, drug addiction, gambling addiction, etc.).

5. Create posts about the results you’re clients want to achieve in their life and business (ex. happier family life, more meaningful professional life, more financially stable business, etc.).


Focus on your personal experiences

Getting personal with your content is a great way to create rapport and connection with clients and prospects.
Talk about your own journey and personal struggle through a deeply felt storytelling process but keep it relevant to your clients.

Your purpose here is to create credibility and trust through transparency not to pointlessly brag about your achievements.

Here are some content topics based on personal experiences you might want to try out:

6. Why and how you became a coach.

7. Something funny that happened to you recently.

8. An epiphany or eye-opening experience.

9. A life-threatening experience and how it changed you.

10. A sad or tragic experience you’re comfortable sharing that made you a stronger person.

11. A personal experience of bullying or dealing with aggressive personalities and how you handled it.

12. A personal experience about depression and how you overcame it.

13. Your own personal habits and how these are helping make you a better coach.

14. Routines that’s working for you and the family.

15. Current plans, future events, and cities you’re visiting.

16. Coaching industry trends and how these affect your practice and methods.

17. Upcoming speaking engagements and interviews.


Focus on shared experiences or information

client focused content topics
Focusing on shared experiences or information allows you the opportunity to clarify and share your ideas and values to your clients and prospects.

As a trusted source, your insightful commentary on these content subjects and will logically resonate with your audience and help you establish trust with them.

18. Write about your reaction to a an article you’ve read recently that has some relevance to your practice or to client issues and aspirations.

19. Write about a piece of news, show, or documentary on TV that inspired an idea or train of thought.

20. Wade into controversial topics from time to time (ex. gun control, abortion, etc.) but don’t overdo it and always center the discussion around your own values and intuition.

21. Write about inspiring stories of people who faced monumental odds and still managed to turn their life around.

22. Write about a celebrity that appeared in the news recently and reflect on their ideas, habits, or routines that your clients might find helpful to emulate.

23. Write a roundup post of articles published in the last week or two that you know will be helpful to clients.

24. Write explanatory posts (ex. what is emotional intelligence, what is intuition, etc.) that help client acquire a clearer definition of concepts, strategies, and processes.


Content Topics For Review Posts

Writing review posts about tools, systems, and literature that you’ve tested or read is a great way to inspire confidence and build your authority as an expert and thought leader.

Here are a few content ideas to get you started:

25. Write a review about a book you’ve recently read that you know will be helpful to clients.

26. Write a review about specific coaching systems that you or other experts find effective in helping clients.

27. Write a review of available tools that clients will find useful in their lives or businesses.

28. Write a review of leading iPhone or Android apps that can help improve the routines and effectiveness of your clients (ex. scheduling apps, habit forming apps, checklist apps, etc.).

29. Write a review about a recently launched self-help or personal development product you want your clients to take a look at.


How To Posts

This type of content is focused on providing a step-by-step walkthrough guide to show your clients how to perform or improve certain routine, practice, or life area.

It’s a very popular format because clients will find it helpful as they navigate through challenging processes.

It also serves to demonstrate your expertise on these topics. Here are a few how-to post topics to get you going:

30. How to establish a self-care routine

31. How to create good habits and make them stick

32. How to extinguish self-destructive habits

33. How to achieve more with less time or resources

34. How to teach kindness to your children

35. How to use your time more efficiently

36. How to stop procrastinating

37. How to create a work-life balance
Content ideas - how to posts
38. How to plan a productive day

39. How to cultivate intuition

40. How to write a personal vision/mission statement

41. How to write a vision for your successful business

42. How to visualize success in your life and business

43. How to plan for a financially rewarding business

44. How to remember to be grateful

45. How to be more proactive at work

46. Ho be a better listener

47. How to discover your passion

48. How to create a life plan

49. How to select a coach

50. How to raise happy children

51. How to stay productive even on vacation

52. How to remove clutter at home

53. How to remove mental blocks

54. How to work with a mentor

55. How to become a mentor

56. How to become more self-aware

57. How to be more spontaneous

58. How to be firm without being offensive

59. How to tell if you’re a bad listener

60. How to increase productivity and balance working with a coach

61. How to deal with setbacks and failures

62. How to interact with difficult people

63. How to effectively delegate home chores (to the kids) or office tasks (to subordinates or team members)

64. How to reduce stress in your life

65. How to choose the ideal company to work for

66. How to take control of your career in the age of mass layoffs

67. How to plan to retire early

68. How to remain productive after retirement

69. How to avoid emailing or calling your office when on vacation

70. How to be more focused


Content Ideas For List Posts

Content ideas list posts
List posts are also quite popular because they’re easier to digest and most readers are predisposed towards reading them.

This very article is an example of a list post and it got you to clicking on the link that got you to this page.

Here are a few content topics you might find useful for your own list posts:

71. 7 Reasons Why You’ll Love Being Organized

72. 9 Things To Do To Deescalate A Tense Situation

73. 6 Steps To Detoxify Your Office Environment

74. 5 things The Family Can Do Together On Your “Staycation”

75. 10 Ways To Benefit From Coaching

76. 9 Ways Your Habits Are Stopping Your Success

77. 11 Top Scheduling Apps

78. 8 Best Life Planning Tools

79. 14 Useful Tips To Ace An Interview

80. 7 Life Goals Worth Achieving

81. 5 Ways To Stop Being Anxious All The Time

82. 6 Steps To Becoming A Better Mom

83. 4 Ways To Inspire Enthusiasm In Your Team

84. 11 Powerful Expert Advice On Dating Introverts

85. 9 Tips For A Productive Morning

86. 24 Surprising Things A Toddler Can Teach You

87. 6 Mistakes To Avoid In Disciplining Children

88. 8 Pitfalls That Could Crush Your Business

89. 11 Creative Ways To Encourage Participation

90. 11 Timeless Secrets To A Happy Marriage

91. 9 Ways To Make Up For Lost Time After A Miserable Job

92. 8 Signs You’re Running On Fumes

93. 32 Ways To Stimulate Creativity In Children

94. 8 Steps To Working Less and Spending More Time With Family

95. 25 Celebrities Who Overcame Tragedy In Their Lives

96. 7 Reasons Why Your Employees Are Untruthful To You

97. 12 Things You Can Do To Make Your Wife Feel Appreciated

98. 8 Steps To Build Stronger Friendship

99. 9 Hilarious Examples Of Joyful People

100. 8 Steps To Becoming A Better Dad

101. 7 Top Self-Improvement Websites

102. 14 Best Career Options For Women in 2018

103. 18 Useful Ways To Pass It Forward

104. 28 Self-Help Experts To Follow On Twitter

105. 21 Tips To Nudge The Kids To Clean Up Their Room

106. 7 Creative Ways To Live Each Day Happily

107. 8 Secrets To A Life Well-lived

108. 3 Signs You’re Underperforming

109. 14 Ways To Mend Fences And Reconcile With A Friend

110. 6 Tips To Create A Truly Meaningful Bucket List


Interview posts

Talking to resource persons and getting them to share helpful insights a sure way to build up your credibility and authority.

There are always people who will welcome the opportunity for PR and exposure. Here are some people you might want to approach for an interview:

111. Interview a local celebrity who did something remarkable and inspirational.

112. Interview an author who recently published a book.

113. Interview an entrepreneur who just launched a helpful product.

114. Interview an expert in coaching.

115. Interview a competitor or a colleague.

116. Interview allied professionals (ex. image consultants, diet and fitness experts, make-up artists, fashion consultants, professional recruiters, HR managers, etc.).

117. Interview clients with issues they successfully dealt with.

118. Get interviewed yourself as a resource person and post about it on your site.

Bonus tip: Interviews are a great way to generate tons of content. You can post the transcript of the interview to your website, share the audio as a podcast on iTunes, post the video on YouTube, and write a blog post reaction to the interview.
coaching content topics


Video Posts

A large segment of internet users prefer video over other formats when consuming content.

YouTube, the video-sharing site, gets millions of hours of videos uploaded daily and is also one of the largest search engines online.

Here are a few content topics for video:

119. Explain an idea through a video instead of a regular blog post. The video need not be too long (60 seconds to 180 seconds) and the script for that can be written easily (about 150 words for every 60 seconds of video) enough.

120. Feature the best places to see in your home town with some commentary.

121. Feature your work place, colleagues, or staff.

122. Feature a few videos about your family life.


Marketing Posts

You’ll need to insert commercial posts from time to time to gently remind your clients and prospects you’re running a real business and need their custom.

Here are a few marketing post ideas you can write about:

123. Post about your birthday or anniversary sale (of your self-development products, books, etc.).

124. Post about a limited offer (ex. 10 slots only for a hyper-productivity coaching course).

125. Post about a holiday or weekend discount offer.

126. Post about a course, a product, or a book that you’re about to launch.



There you have it! 126 content ideas for a blog post or a short video.

Generating topics to write about need not be a struggle if you just dig a little bit deeper into your own experiences and those of the people you’re trying to connect with.

I hope you’ll find inspiration from these ideas. Feel free to use any of these titles in your own posts. If you have other ideas you care to share, please leave a comment below.